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                EPO hosts annual meeting of Ethics Network of Multilateral Organisations

                16 July 2019

                Delegates discussed ethics related issues at the ENMO meeting held at the EPO’s Munich office

                The EPO hosted the 11th annual meeting of the Ethics Network of Multilateral Organisations (ENMO) last week (9-12 July) at its headquarters in Munich, bringing together senior ethics officers from 37 multilateral intergovernmental institutions. The conference, initiated by the UN organisations, IMF and the World Bank, is hosted every year by a different member organisation. The EPO joined the network in 2018.

                The ENMO meeting provides a platform for open exchange: Members shared best practices and discussed issues of common concern related to institutional ethics. Delegates discussed several key topics, including conflict of interest, whistleblowing and policies for co-operating with investigations and audits.

                "The EPO strives to maintain an ethical culture within its engaged, knowledgeable, collaborative and respectful workplace," said Mathilde ten Seldam, EPO Principal Director Internal Audit and Oversight. "We have already undertaken several initiatives and in our Strategic Plan we have committed ourselves to redoubling our efforts on transparency, good governance, and an Ethics programme which should strengthen the role of ethics in the organisation for every single employee."  

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