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                Discussion forum

                Talk to EPO experts or other users

                Visit the training forum


                For more information on e-learning, please write to:



                Patent information users

                Upcoming patent information events

                10.9.2019 | Virtual classroom, online
                Online file inspection improvements in the European Patent Register
                17.9.2019 | Vienna, Austria
                Sophisticated searches and informative search reports
                18.9.2019 | Virtual classroom, online
                PATSTAT Online
                25.9.2019 | Virtual classroom, online
                INPADOC basic
                25.9.2019 | Vienna, Austria
                PATSTAT user day
                2.10.2019 | Virtual classroom, online
                Introduction to the European Patent Register
                8.10.2019 | Virtual classroom, online
                Patent families
                9.10.2019 | Virtual classroom, online
                INPADOC advanced
                19.11.2019 | Virtual classroom, online
                Asian Patent Information: 1 China
                26.11.2019 | Virtual classroom, online
                Asian Patent Information: 2 Japan
                3.12.2019 | Virtual classroom, online
                Asian Patent Information: 3 Korea
                10.12.2019 | Virtual classroom, online
                Asian Patent Information: 4 India

                Details of the above and further training offers with registration information can be found in the searchable IP calendar of events.

                To filter out the patent information classroom seminars starting with the reference “PI”, choose Austria as Location. Please take note of the general conditions for these seminars.

                To register for a webinar go directly to www.epo.org/vc. All webinars and newsflashes are free-of-charge.

                A variety of patent information related e-learning content such as Patent information tour or Espacenet assistant can be found in Online training.

                Patent information training seminars 2018 open for registration

                An exciting programme of patent information events has been added to our calendar of events. It includes specialist topics like patent information from Latin America, federated register/global dossier and accessing court decisions on patents across Europe with ECLI . Details and registration via the searchable IP calendar of events.

                Patent Information Training forum

                Announcements, Information and exchange on the EPO's patent information related seminars, webinars and e-learning activities. 

                e-mail alerts

                To receive e-mail alerts regarding patent information training, please use the online form

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