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                High-growth technology business conference 2019

                PosterBoosting your strategy with intellectual property

                4 November 2019 - Main conference
                5 November 2019 - Training day
                Dublin, Ireland

                Unique features of this conference

                • Efficient one-day conference
                • One-day training add-ons
                • Business and IP tracks
                • "Meet-the-speakers" sessions
                • IP clinics: receive expert advice
                • Practical lectures focusing on key messages
                • Condensed summary videos to "take home"

                Patents are a cornerstone of a multitude of growth strategies and instrumental in enabling value creation transactions. Integrating good practices in intellectual property (IP) strategy that involve decision makers, IP professionals and external partners into the broader business strategy is key to using IP to generate value for high-growth technology enterprises.

                This conference, jointly held by the EPO and the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI), provides a platform for high-growth technology enterprises and others in their innovation ecosystem (see figure below) to learn about business strategy and IP management. An international team of highly experienced practitioners will share best practices on how to leverage patents for business success and help you to develop useful networks at regional and international levels.

                Join us for a compact one-day conference offering a unique combination of a business strategy track with an IP management track, followed by a second day of training sessions tailored for decision makers and IP professionals in high-growth technology enterprises. Additionally, participants registering first will have the opportunity to meet experts in one-to-one 30-minute-sessions (IP clinics).

                Who should attend

                • Technology business decision makers
                • IP professionals
                • High-growth technology enterprise enthusiasts, including their partners at large enterprises, research institutions and investors

                High-growth technology enterpriss

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