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                Find a professional representative

                Natural or legal persons having either their residence or their principal place of business in a contracting state to the EPC can undertake all procedural steps before the EPO themselves and are not obliged to appoint a representative. Other applicants are, however, required to be represented by a professional representative (Article 134(1) EPC) or a legal practitioner (Article 134(8) EPC) (except when filing an application or paying fees). An association of professional representatives can also be authorised according to Rule 152(11) EPC

                Even if you are not obliged to appoint a professional representative, it may still be helpful to consult one. To make it easier to find what you need, the EPO maintains an up-to-date database of professional representatives (updated twice a month).

                All you have to do is enter a search term or terms in one or more of the search fields and click the "Go" button (see below). This will generate a list of professional representatives who match your query. Click on a name to find the representative's contact details. 

                Forms relating to the list of professional representatives before the EPO and to associations of professional representatives as well as important notes regarding the list of professional representatives can be downloaded from the links below.

                Forms relating to the list of professional representatives before the EPO:

                Forms relating to associations of professional representatives:

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