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                Quality is our top priority

                Delivering quality

                commitment visual (JPG)

                Our commitment to quality

                The clear vision of our management and a solid policy are the foundation for a strong quality culture.

                managing & monitoring visual (JPG)

                Managing and monitoring quality

                We have put into place clear processes, responsibilities and monitoring to ensure both quality and efficiency.

                Quality Report 2018 visual

                Quality Report 2018

                This annual quality report provides our users with a full set of quality indicators.

                customers visual (JPG)

                Engaging with our customers

                Delivering high quality services requires listening to and understanding users’ needs.

                The ISO 9001 certification

                ISO logo (JPG)

                The EPO's Quality Management System is certified under the ISO 9001 standard. This covers the entire patent process, including search, examination, opposition, limitation/revocation, patent information and post-grant activities.

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